P+D c2000

Communicates effectively with mail recipients

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The P+D c series is a digital mailing system that allows the user to create custom-designed content on a PC and download directly onto the machine for use on mail runs. The c2000 model is intended for medium- to large-scale mailing operations, with processing speeds up 180 lpm, the optional power stacker giving the flexibility to produce high volumes of mail. The integrated accounting feature enables postage expenditure to be monitored by class, format and weight across 50 standard or 3000 optional internal accounts.

High speed processing and attention grabbing graphics


Mailmark Franking
Mailmark technology applies an intelligent 2D barcode that helps track mailed items with extreme precision. Royal Mail guarantees that items sorted using Mailmark will always benefit from the cheapest tariff available. The
system also provides immediate price updates, faster franking and routine tracking reports, superseding SMART enabled franking machines.

Processing Speed
To help customers compare efficiency, Letter Processing speeds provide the number of standardised letters a machine is able to frank in one minute, with a reduced number for WOW-enabled machines when running mixed mail. This rating is useful to know when scheduling mailing strategies and volume requirements.

Mixed Mail – WOW & DOW
The inline Weigh-on-the-Way and Dimensions-on-the-Way features provide the ability to automatically process mixed outbound mail, by verifying the length, width, thickness and weight of each item as it travels through the franking machine. There is no need to pre-sort mail into the same sizes and weights, so high volume mail runs become effortless, with the correct postage rate
applied every time.

Envelope Messaging
To make the most of franked mail, you can turn every sent item into a powerful promotion, with your company logo and/or marketing message printed alongside the postage. With various pre-loaded options and bespoke settings, you can change the message by department, priority, season or offer, providing a professional finish without the need for printed stationery.

Full-Colour Printing
Studies show that colour headlines and graphics on envelopes and packages increase openability by 250%. This facility provides complete control over full-colour, envelope-width printing, enabling the user to upload graphics, business logos and promotional messages from any desktop PC, for applying onto envelopes and labels on franked mail.

Touch-screen Interface
The machine’s detachable, touch-screen display enables authorised operators to select the required service from a series of drop-down screens, allowing any task to be completed quickly and efficiently. The system guides the user intuitively through all inbound and outbound mailroom processes.


Letters Per Day: 300+
Letter Processing (up to per min) 180 (110 WOW)
Weigh-on-the-Way (WOW): Included - up to 500g
Dimensions-on-the-Way (DOW): Included
Integrated Scale Capacity 7kg
Optional Scale Upgrades: 12 or 35kg
Differential Weighing Optional
Postage Accounts: 50 - Upgrade up to 3000
Job Presets: Unlimited
Logo Application Mono (blue/black)
Opt Full colour (CMYK) - 1200dpi
Envelope Messages Unlimited - 130 x 22mm
Envelope Dimensions 89 x 127 to 254 x 356mm
Envelope Thickness (Max) 16mm
Envelope Sealing Included - 25-98mm flap depth
Envelope Feed Automatic with 5” stacker
Label Printing Adhesive roll tape
Reporting Facilities Account, postage & meter reports
Access to INVIEW™ Analytics online
Inbound Management Received job type setting
Security Access Password by acount
Customer Interface Colour 10.2” touch screen detachable - opt 15”
Machine Dimensions (WxHxD) 1650 (+165 colour) x 635 x 670mm
Connectivity Requirement Internet, direct LAN or opt 4G device
Hardware Options Wireless keyboard - laser printer - barcode scanner Power stacker (W+483mm) and power stacking kit
Please Note all specifications are variable and for guide only. Confirm specific machine details with your sales contact.