ORA 330

Next Generation Postage Meter

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Growing businesses count on innovative productivity tools to keep their offices running smoothly.
Neopost’s ORA 330 professional franking system makes it simple to weigh, frank and send your mail.

Easy to operate, the highly capable ORA 330 with whisper-quiet operation is designed to integrate smoothly into your office environment and process mail efficiently.

With its state-of-the-art technology and myneopost on-line services you can be sure to have the best solution to meet your postal needs.

Mailmark & SMART Technology

The ORA 330 Mailmark franking machine guarantees that every piece of mail is being sent at a significantly lower cost than SMART & non-SMART franking machines or stamps. Included is the ability to reclaim VAT (where applicable). Additional benefits include franking reply paid envelopes and simple automated postal tariff downloads.


Easy to use
The ORA 330 is as ready as you are. With Smart Start technology, each time an envelope is removed from the weighing platform the ORA 330
starts and is ready to process your mail.

Give the right impression
Promote customer relations with printed slogans that enhance the professional look of your organisation. Select advertising slogans to reinforce the communication to your customers.

Pricing your mail has never been easier
Don’t be confused by postal rates. Let the ORA 330’s Rate Wizard give you a hand so you don’t have to be a postal expert. Whichever rate you need, the ORA 330 will figure it out.

Save even more time by eliminating keystrokes when you select the mail class you need from the rate shortcuts menu. From single envelopes to larger packages, you’ll have the flexibility you need to weigh and manage your mail with ease.

Never out of ink
Managing ink couldn’t be easier. The ORA 330 uses a long-life cartridge optimising ink yield and minimising replenishment. Plus, the ORA 330 will send you a Low-Ink E-Mail Alert so you can be sure your mail keeps moving. Thanks to the Click n’ Snap design, changing ink cartridges has never been easier.

Monitor, track and control postal expenditure on-line
If you have to account for your mail, use myneopost. With convenient on-line access, you can even monitor postage activity, mail class, and department usage. myneopost on-line services give you greater control over your mailing system and postal expenditures. The ORA 330 connects to myneopost to help you manage your operations more efficiently.

Maintenance cover

A valid maintenance service contract on your franking machines is a prerequisite of ensuring you are able to retain your Royal Mail license to frank letters. The Mailing Room are a Royal Mail authorised maintainer and repairer for franking machines to ensure you have zero downtime for your postal system through our experienced trained technicians.


Mailmark: Yes
Weigh platform: 2kg in
1g increments
Maximum envelope thickness: 8mm
Job imprint memory: Up to 9
Envelope orientation: Landscape or portrait
Job Imprint memories: Up to 9
Advertising slogans: 8 standard/ 2 open
Account reporting and control: 10 departments
Monthly postage usage (value and items) data archived: for up to 13 months
Dimensions: (L) 357 x (H)260 x (D)375 (mm)
Technical details are subject to change without notice.