Mid-Range Franking Machines

ORA 420

Dynamic business environments count on powerful tools which can get the job done with accuracy and speed. Neopost’s ORA 420 delivers fast and efficient mail processing with easy to use and reliable operations.

IRIS 300

Powered by Pitney Bowes the IRIS 300 is easy to use and highly productive. We understand that every business needs to operate as efficiently as possible. Even daily, routine tasks need to be performed in a productive manner. The easy-to-use, IRIS 300 Mailing System will amaze you with its simplicity and advanced time saving capabilities.

ORA IN 360

Growing businesses count on innovative productivity tools to keep their offices running smoothly. Neopost’s IN-360 professional franking system makes it simple to weigh, frank and send your mail.

Easy to operate, the highly capable IN-360 with whisper-quiet operation is designed to integrate smoothly into your office environment and process mail efficiently.

ORA 600

When it comes to getting a job done, thriving businesses count on reliable processing that adds value and streamlines performance. the ORA 600 delivers practical solutions that offer maximum versatility to give you the results you need.

IRIS 400

Powered by Pitney Bowes the IRIS 400 is easy to use and highly productive. The IRIS 400 automatic digital mailing system brings large mailroom productivity and ease to the office environment.

ORA 700

Dynamic businesses count on smart productivity tools to do more than simply move the mail. Neopost’s ORA 700 takes mail processing to a new level of intelligence and delivers productivity at its best.

Matrix F62

Matrix F series is the latest generation of franking systems for a wide range of applications. Each franking system is perfectly matched to your business requirements and outbound mail volumes. All Matrix F series products are operated exclusively from a touchscreen.

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