Matrix F12

Proven design with the latest technology

Matrix F series is the latest generation of franking systems for a wide range of applications. Each franking system is perfectly matched to your business requirements and outbound mail volumes. All Matrix F series products are operated exclusively from a touchscreen.

18 OneTouch functions for the most frequently used mailing products. Simply touch and frank!

Benefits of Mailmark™
Simple and straightforward product selection and savings on postage costs. Guaranteed to always be the cheapest Royal Mail tariff.

Swiss made, peace of mind

Frama has over 40 years of expertise in the development and manufacture of solutions within the mail-processing sector. High Quality reliable products are the foun-dation of our success.

The strategic strengths of Frama AG arise from our efforts to take full advantage of the technological expertise of our team, which is located at our headquarters in Lau-perswil, Switzerland. All Frama products are manufactured in Switzerland and carry the “Made in Switzerland” seal of quality.


Transparent pricing & Award-winning maintenance
Frama is determined to stand out as the supplier of choice, offering a clear
alterna-tive approach. Transparent pricing is a fundamental principle of
Frama’s offering to the market building trust and confidence between
supplier and customer.

Our all-in-one franking package includes award-winning maintenance cover,
ensur-ing your postal solution is always ready when you are!

Our unique approach has been recognised in the form of industry awards,
covering technical achievement and customer friendly products and services.

Quality, Value, Efficiency & Service – Guaranteed!
Frama always go the “extra mile” in delivering an exceptional standard of
service – from your first point of contact to the after sales process.

We operate nationwide service coverage, co-ordinated by our UK based
customer care team and our technicians are very proud of their 98% first
time fix rate.

The initial purchase is only the beginning of our relationship and Frama
prides itself on delivering great service throughout the life of the product.

Simple – secure – straightforward!
FramaOnline2 guarantees the secure and efficient updating of every aspect
associ-ated with your Frama franking system. Working in the background,
FramaOnline2 securely manages the data flow between Royal Mail, your
bank and your franking system.

Frama also creates the data streams necessary to ensure the calculation of
VAT with HMRC. FramaOnline2 is certified for IT security as per ISO 27001.

Save even more with MailMark™
Benefit from the latest developments in franking technology! The Royal Mail
Mail-mark™ standard ensures simple and straight forward product selection
and savings on postage. Mailmark™ is always the cheapest tariff in the
franking channel, saving up to 49% over stamp usage. Simple tariff updates
via LAN, accurate postage calculation and a more professional image all
contribute to a fantastic value offering