IRIS 400

400IRIS 400 Digital Mailing System maximise office productivity

Powered by Pitney Bowes the IRIS 400 is easy to use and highly productive. The IRIS 400 automatic digital mailing system brings large mailroom productivity and ease to the office environment.

We understand that every business needs to operate as efficiently as possible. Even daily, routine tasks need to be performed in a productive manner. The easy-to-use, IRIS 400 Mailing System will amaze you with its simplicity and advanced times saving capabilities.

Correct value postage – every letter, every time

Our extensive Iris product range ensures we have a franking machine solution to suit everyone’s needs from small to medium companies or those with several locations producing high volume mail.

Savings / Value for money / Reliability / Full colour option

Mailmark & SMART Technology

The IRIS 400 Mailmark franking machine guarantees that every piece of mail is being sent at a significantly lower cost than SMART & non-SMART franking machines or stamps. Included is the ability to reclaim VAT (where applicable). Additional benefits include franked reply paid envelopes and improved reporting using InView.

Cost Savings

The IRIS 400 incorporates a 5kg integral weighing platform, freeing up desk space and guaranteeing that each letter or package bears the correct postage value.


Reduced mail preparation time
Seal and frank your envelopes at the same time, resulting in a professional, ready to mail document. Larger mail is quickly processed with self adhesive tape strips. Time is saved with fi ve presets for your most commonly used jobs.

Mailmark & SMART Technology
Gain access to lower franking postal rates and the ability to reclaim VAT
(where applicable). Additional benefi ts include franking reply paid envelopes and improved reporting using InView accounting software.

Auto-dating eliminates returned mail due to misdating
An internal clock advances the date automatically. Operators can advance the date to get a head-start on processing tomorrow’s mail.

Easy to use
All controls are fully integrated on one clear easy to use control panel with user-friendly instructions to guide the operator through each stage of processing mail.

Incoming mail dating
Date and time stamping capability ensures your incoming mail is handled efficiently by providing the option of recording when it arrived.

Handle rate changes easily
IntelliLink® technology allows postage rate changes to occur automatically.

Digital technology is a gateway to the future
The IRIS 400’s digital meter satisfi es all current postal regulations, and the technology’s flexibility makes the IRIS 400 adaptable for the future.

Maintenance cover
A valid maintenance service contract on your franking machines is a perquisite of ensuring you are able to retain you Royal Mail license to frank letters.

The Mailing Room are authorised by the Royal Mail to maintain and repair franking machines. We ensure your postal system is looked after by our experienced and trained technicians, therefore reducing any time wasted on technical issues.


Mailmark/Smart: Yes
Speed: 95 letters per minute
Envelope feed: automatic
Media thickness: Up to 8mm
Scale: 5kg standard options for 7, 35kg
Accounts: 100 accounts standard; option for 300 accounts
Internal ad storage: Up to 20
Job presets: 5
Weight: 13kg approximate
Dimensions: (L) (H) (D)
840 x 315 x 500 (mm)
Electrical: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 3A
Connectivity: Connects to a standard analogue phone line LAN/PC
Technical details are subject to change without notice.