IRIS 160/220

Iris 160/220 digital franking machines

Whether you’re considering getting a franking machine for the first time or are using outdated franking technology, both the IRIS 160 and the IRIS 220 digital franking machines will save you money and time. They will also help you improve brand awareness, win new customers and so gain market share.

Mailmark & SMART Technology
The IRIS 160/220 Mailmark franking machine guarantees that every piece of mail is being sent at a significantly lower cost than SMART & non-SMART franking machines or stamps. Included is the ability to reclaim VAT (where applicable). Additional benefits include franked reply paid envelopes and improved reporting using InView.

Both machines use a constant connection to your Postage Account. When you re-credit your machine or download a new envelope message, it’s achieved in seconds.

Our extensive Iris product range ensures we have a franking machine solution to suit everyone’s needs from small to medium companies or those with several locations producing high volume mail.

Savings / Value for money / Reliability / Full colour option

Are you making do with obsolete technology?

If your business has outgrown your current franking machine, it’s almost inevitable that you’re missing out on significant savings in time and money. Making do with obsolete technology could be making your postal system inefficient, resulting in additional costs. If you send between 20 and 75 pieces of mail a day, the IRIS 160 or 220 make an ideal upgrade. It’s a reliable and cost effective way for your business to benefit from:

Both machines have an integrated weighing platform that automatically ensures you only ever pay the correct postage.

Mail won’t be returned because it was franked with the wrong date, an internal clock can advance the date automatically for future mailings. This eliminates the associated costs of returned mail.

Both machines use a constant connection to your postage account. When you re-credit your machine or download a new envelope message, it’s achieved in seconds without the line rental and dial up costs incurred with analogue connected franking machines.

If you want to save money by buying envelopes that don’t seal themselves, the IRIS 22O includes an integrated sealing unit.

It’s a simple way to make your postal budget stretch further.

Maintenance Cover

A valid maintenance service contract on your franking machines is a perquisite of ensuring you are able to retain you Royal Mail license to frank letters. The Mailing Room are authorised by the Royal Mail to maintain and repair franking machines. We ensure your postal system is looked after by our experienced and trained technicians, therefore reducing any time wasted on technical issues.


Mailmark/Smart: Yes
Maximum processing speed: 40-45 mail pieces per minute
Maximum number of accounts: 20-100
Monitoring and reporting facilities: Postage and meter reports
Maximum envelope thickness:: 9.5mm
Capacity of integrated weighing platform: 2.5kg - 5kg
Other weighing options: 7, 12 and 35kg
Job presets: 5
Preferred connectivity method:: LAN
Technical details are subject to change without notice.