It’s not WHAT you do …. but often HOW you do it that matters !

Close Brothers’ experience of using direct mail in a more sophisticated manner reveals how sometimes just a small tweak in presentation and delivery can bring big changes in terms of cost savings and new customer sign-ups.

Case Study :  UK merchant banking group Close Brothers reduce print and postal expenditure and make big cost savings and time savings by using direct mail.


Close Brothers is a leading. They noticed that their original customer welcome pack was leading to 10% of credit agreements being completed incorrectly. And this meant higher processing costs for the business.


The business improved their welcome pack with a simple re-design – altering the structure of information, adding clear calls-to-action, as well as data-driven personalisation.


By optimising their Business Mail, Close Brothers have seen incredible results. From a re-design investment of just £10k, incorrect applications have reduced from 10% to 3%, which delivers annual savings of £270k.

So as the title suggests, in life it’s not what you say but how you say it and so in business it’s often not what you communicate buy how you communicate it.

Whether your company prefers to process its mailing campaigns in house, externally or in a hybrid format Postal and Data Systems can help – give us a call or drop us an e-mail, we would be happy to assist.

Postal and Data Systems make it their business to support companies so they can get the best results from their business mail and from their direct mail.

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