Franking Postage Discounts

Royal Mail Announces New Franking Prices 2022

"We know how challenging it is for many companies in the current economic environment, so we have thought long and hard about our price changes. We are committed to keeping prices as competitive as possible against the ongoing structural decline in letter volumes and increases in overseas postal delivery charges and costs”.

Franking machine users see a substantial discount when sending Letters, Large Letters, Packets, Parcels and International items. A second class Royal Mail stamped letter now costs 66p – the same 2nd class letter sent by a franking machine will now only cost 47p saving 19p per mail-piece.

More good news for larger volume users. All 2nd class Royal Mail letter runs of over 250 items qualify for BMA discount with each letter reducing to 38p – saving 28p per mail-piece.

To access up to 42% savings on postal costs contact us via the contact page or by calling 01772 643943

Quick guide to mailing savings from 4th April 2022

Warning! Standard Franking ends in 2022. Make the move to Mailmark by visiting

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