Franking Machines

Entry Level Franking Machines

Up to 50 letters / packets per day

Postage Meters – ensure all your business mail is dated, monitored with the on/off option of displaying a logo or marketing message.

Postage Meters offer convenience and professionalism whilst saving time and reducing your Royal Mail postal spend by up to 40%.

Mid-Range Franking Machines

Up to 100 letters / packets per day

Mid-range systems offer faster processing speeds with enhanced accounting and reporting facilities.

Convenience and professionalism with access to even higher Royal Mail Mail-mark discounts for larger mail runs through Business Mail Advance.

Enterprise Franking Machines

Up to 250 letters / packets per day

Offering high speed processing and dynamic weighing capabilities and suitable for a busy office or mailroom environment.

Link these systems to our range of folder-inserters and software solutions to drive even greater savings and efficiencies.

Franking Postage Discounts

Royal Mail Postage Stamp, Franking & Mailmark Prices

Ready to start saving?

The advent of Mail-Mark, Business Mail and DSA’s means the UK has a fast-changing mail industry. Why not take advantage of our many years of experience in the postal and mailing industry by allowing one of our consultants to perform a free audit of your mail and postal requirements.