Royal Mail announces competitive Postage Rates – Franked Mail is now the best option !

15 May 2020

March 2020

From March 2020 onwards there are substantial savings to be made on Royal Mail postage bills by using a Royal Mail licensed franking machine.

There are now four levels of Royal Mail pricing for a mail-piece – see the example below for a second class envelope –this is the most common class and size of mail-piece delivered by Royal Mail.

  • The new cost for a Royal Mail second class stamp for an envelope (<100g) is 65 pence.
  • Franking through a standard franking machine reduces the postage cost to 50 pence saving 15p per envelope or 23%.
  • Franking through a Mail-mark franking machine reduces the postage cost by a further 7 pence to 43p saving 22p per envelope or 34%.
  • Franking through Mail-Mark BMA franking machine reduces the cost by a further 9 pence to 34p saving 28p per envelope or 4%.

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